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Want to build a presence on Twitter? One of the best ways to get more followers is to tweet – and retweet – great stuff. Any one of the Twitter accounts below can give you ample opportunities for world-class retweets.

1. Forbes Magazine- @Forbes 11.9M followers.

Forbes is the big kahuna among small business publishers. It produces dozens of articles a day on almost any topic a small business owner might be interested in. Also consider following @ForbesTreps– 38,400 followers

2. Mark Cuban- @Mcuban 6.44M followers.

I’m not sure the Dallas Mavericks qualify as a small business, but Cuban has many other business projects. He tweets about business management and strategy all the time (in between the basketball shots).

3. Tony Robbins- @tonyrobbins 2.93M followers.

Tony’s been a business guru for decades now. If you haven’t heard of him already… it’s time.

4. Entrepreneur Magazine – @Entrepreneur 2.85M followers.

Similar to Forbes, but focused a bit more on small businesses and their day-to-day management.

5. Inc Magazine- @Inc 2.13M followers.

Another major small business magazine’s Twitter account.

6. Gary Vaynerchuk- @GaryVee 1.42M followers.

Author of several best-selling business books, CEO of VaynerMedia and host of #AskGaryVee.

7. Barbara Corcoran- @BarbaraCorcoran 580K followers.

A Shark Tank advisory and straight-talking, tough love small business advocate.

8. Mari Smith – @MariSmith– 513K followers.

Probably the preeminent Facebook expert. Even Facebook asks for her help.

9. Gary Bizzo – @GaryBizzo– 482K followers.

Author and small business expert.

10. Melinda Emerson – @SmallBizLady– 323K followers.

Named Forbes’ #1 Influential Woman for Entrepreneurs.

11. Neil Patel – @NeilPatel– 243K followers.

A digital marketer and SEO expert with a ton of experience in starting and growing online businesses.

12. Jay Baer- @jaybaer 234K followers.

A best-selling author and marketing expert who’s pivoting a bit toward customer service.

13. Brian Moran- @BrianMoran 201K followers.

A small business blogger and consultant. Does lots of interviews and webinars with other experts.

14. Marie Forleo- @marieforleo 183K followers.

A digital marketing expert who encourages entrepreneurial creatives to launch and grow their businesses.

15.Matthew Toren- @MatthewToren 172K followers.

Author, columnist, and small business publisher.

16. Chris Guillebeau- @ChrisGuillebeau 144K followers.

Author of “The Lean Startup.” Podcast host of #SideHustleSchool.

 17. National Federation of Independent Business- @NFIB 141K followers.

Chock-a-block with resources for small business owners.

18. Anita Campbell- @SmallBizTrends 139K followers.

Publisher of Small Business Trends.

19. John Jantsch- @DuctTape 116K followers.

Lots of marketing advice and support for solo professionals.

20. Google Small Biz- @GoogleSmallBiz 102K followers.

Big G’s Twitter account for small businesses.

21. Lilach Bullock- @LilachBullock 101K followers

UK-based social media, content marketing, and website optimization expert.

22. @GeneMarks– 84K followers.

Small business speaker. Columnist at Washington Post, Huff Post, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Inc.

23. David Newman- @Dnewman 3K followers.

Author of “Do It Marketing”.

24. Brian Sutter- @SmallBizBrian 67K followers.

If you’ve liked this list so far, you’ll probably like my Twitter feed, too. And the WASP Barcode Small Business blog.

25. Your state or local Chamber of Commerce.

Back to you.

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