Who is Paul?

Who is Paul Long?

Open. Approachable. Transparent. Credible

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Paul Long  | Trusted Business Lender for the South Sound

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Back in the 90’s my older brother worked as a teller for a “Big Bank” and I a 15 year old high school student was mowing lawns, co-owning an internet access company (remember dial up internet) and working part time for a burger joint in a small town of Selah, WA.

After talking with my brother, I found out that the “Big Bank” was hiring and you needed to be 16 to get hired. I know that I had the personality to do the job. A week after my 16th Birthday, I applied and got the job. (Please note that the minimum age is now 18 for all banks/credit unions…sorry) I remember asking to speak with my boss at the burger joint and told her that I got a job across the street at “Big Bank” as a teller and gave my notice. Her response was “Ha, good luck, you will never be successful there”

For those who know me, this has been my driving force for everything that I do to this day. Don’t say I cant do something!

From starting as a Teller, I was promoted to a branch manager at the age 18, managed a cluster of bank branches at the age of 21 and found my passion working with business owners at the age of 25. Since working in business banking, I find myself enjoying the education part of helping business owners understand how banks work, strategies to grow a business successfully and how to market your business. This site was created because of this passion.

I welcome any website feedback as well as if you are looking for a refreshing new way to partner with a business banker. Contact me here.