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You have an idea, a dream, or desire to start a business but now sure what to do now. These resources were created to aid you in the process of pursuing your idea. Starting a business is certainly not easy, but can be so rewarding.


General Loan Calculator

Restaurant Food Cost Calculator– Easily break down bulk food purchase costs into portion costs

Start up Cost Calculator– Find out how much you need to start up your business


Will I need collateral?

Yes, startup loans are hard to get and not many banks provide them. It is safe to say even using SBA loans you will need to be close to full collateralization for these types of loans.


Do I have to have good credit?

YES! a score of 700 plus would be required.


I heard that startup restaurant loans are hard to get

Yes- That is true, they are the hardest because in general restaurant margins are small and loan defaults are high.

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