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Securing a commercial construction loan for various types of commercial real estate can be a difficult process to navigate. This will shed some light on commercial construction loans and demystify the lending process.

 Financing Options Available

Conventional Financing  (Owner Occupied or Investment)

SBA 504 (Owner Occupied Properties only)

Helpful Attachments

Commercial Construction Lending Overview- Everything you need to know about the construction loan process

Construction ChecklistThis Excel sheet will help you determine budget, full checklist of items and description of materials. 

Construction Budget Template A formal budget template for your construction project. 

Commercial Description of MaterialsThis form is needed to order an appraisal to determine the constructed buildings future value. 


How much do I need to have down for a project?

The loan is generally 85% of cost or 75% loan to value

Your down payment can come from cash or land already purchased.

Project equity could come from a separate piece of real estate that isn’t involved in the construction project.

Any pre-paid soft costs (architectural, engineering, financing, and legal fees, and other pre-construction expenses) can be included as equity.


What do I need to have ready for the bank to start such a project?

Last 3 years’ Personal Tax Returns

Last 3 years’ Business Tax Returns (Of any business owned by the guarantors over 20%)

Personal Financial Statement (Of any business owned by the guarantors over 20%)

(If Owner-Occupied Business) Last 3 years Business Tax Returns

(If Owner-Occupied Business) Interim year to date Income Statement & Balance sheet dated within 30 days

Building Plans and specifications

Copy of construction budget provided by general contractor OR borrower

Sample of Contractor Contract

Description of Materials form


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