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When you run a successful company, it may seem counter-intuitive to think about leaving for a few days. However, taking a break, whether it’s for a vacation or for a work retreat where you’ll learn new tactics, is integral to keeping up with your success. With the demands of entrepreneurship it is easy to get exhausted and burned out. Taking few days off allows you to get rejuvenated to keep the engine going. Still need more convincing? Read on to see why you need to take that time away or sign up for that retreat you’ve been considering.

  1. It is important to disconnect from time to time. It can get easy to work for endless hours, never even realizing that you haven’t taken a break all day long. This is especially true in the early days of launching a business or project. Tunnel vision isn’t conducive to productivity and creativity, though. Without taking some time away to clear your head, you could end up spending too much time on the wrong things without even realizing it. Breaks here and there will help restore your energy and prepare you to get back to work, refreshed and ready to do big things.
  2. It’s a good thing for your employees. When you leave the office and stay out of contact, your team has to rise to the occasion and handle things for you. There aren’t a lot of issues that the owner of a business can only solve on their own. Putting your team in charge communicates to them that you trust that they can handle anything that comes up. Plus, when you see that you can leave for a few days and return to an intact business, you’ll feel more comfortable going away in the future.
  3. You need to be patient and focused in order to succeed. Being able to focus on something, even if it’s that yoga pose you’re trying to master, is important for any type of success. When you force yourself to get out of work mode for a number of days, you practice patience. Businesses don’t turn into successes overnight. When you head back to work, you’ll need to take with you that patience and focus. For more career and success inspiration, check out Robert Bratt online.
  4. You’ll learn that small steps lead to big changes. For example, if you go on vacation and are going to try surfing for the first time, you’ll have to start from the beginning, despite the fact that you’re watching professionals master the waves. This is a great business lesson to be reminded of. Every businessperson, no matter how successful they become, had to start from the beginning. Even when you have professionals to guide you, your journey has to start somewhere.

Getting away from the day-to-day challenges of running a business gives you necessary time to clear your head. Once your time away has come to an end, you’ll discover that you have brand new, fresh ideas to bring back to the business.

Original Post: http://www.smallbizviewpoints.com/2015/05/30/this-is-why-every-entrepreneur-needs-to-go-on-an-annual-retreat/

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