John Rampton As freelancers, we often hear the recommendations to “network.” Social media, conferences, an extremely
Instapaper – a tool for organization This is a simple tool that allows you to save
Google Alerts – a tool for monitoring mentions This is a very simple and easy-to-use tool
Jul 20, 2015 by Jeff Charles The feeling is all too familiar. It’s the anxiety you
Master reading LinkedIn profiles — for hires, biz dev, venture capital. It’s useful to spend time on
Always have a clear meeting wrap up — ask or propose next steps at the end,
For business development intros make sure that the person is in the relevant role. Find a few
Master the art of the short email — two to three sentences or paragraphs max. Check
Do not refresh or check for new messages, or have email opened all the time. It
Create and manage your schedule in a calendar. Use time blocks for different types of calls,
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