Listen to what some customers have to say about Paul. 

Paul is the very best banker I have ever dealt with. He is very accessible to his clients. I remember my dad saying when I was a kid that the banking industry used to have personal bankers that had community with their clients and eventually they become glorified tellers. Paul absolutely breaks that mold and shatters it. He is polite, kind, professional, courteous, through, quick and above all very knowledgeable. Thanks for everything Paul

-Plumbing Service Company, Renton


Since I move my relationship to you, we have had no issues and it has been so nice to have someone to call when I need something.

–Regional Trucking Company


Paul has solid analytical skills along with complex problem solving skills. Paul has been able to get deals done where others could not.

–Commercial Real Estate Agent


Paul was the only banker that would spend the time with me early in the stages of my company to map out a path to attain financing.

–Plumbing Service Company


Paul is quite obviously an expert in the realm of real estate financing, and he skillfully and professionally guided us to a timely, satisfying conclusion.

–Pierce County Law Firm


In the big picture, my business loan was not very large but I was made to feel that I was as important as a major account.

-Paint and Sip Business


I am so grateful for all your hard work in helping me to get it all set up. You and your team went above and beyond the call of duty.  When so many other Banks were caught flat-footed and unable to help their people, you guys did an amazing job!  So glad to have you help me manage my business.



When all others failed, Paul Long came through.

-Business Consultant


I wanted to take a few minutes and thank Paul Long for pushing our SBA loan through so quickly and efficiently. I am personally very grateful for your effort and how you handled everything. You truly had the interest of our company.  I recognize that you are extremely busy and for you to pursue our application with such diligence I cannot say enough thanks.

-Industrial Manufacturing