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Useful resources for your business.

Starting a Business Links

Get an IRS Tax ID Number in Minutes (IRS)

Create a Washington State LLC (WA Sec of State)

Create a Washington State Corporation (WA Sec of State)

Established Business Links

How much is my Business Worth?– This is only a guide- consult a business appraiser in order to get an exact amount


Zoho CRMA free CRM system for Small Businesses

Misc Links

Evernote – Save those things that you done want to forget on the cloud (Free)

Dictation– Talk to your computer and it types for you. (Free)

Speedy Route– Need to go to several places? Put in the addresses and it will put them in order for a quick driving route.


Find the owner of any business in Washington State

5 Ways to spy on your competition

Find information on any court case in Washington


Talk to your computer and it will type what you say

Fill out any PDF form

Instant Grammar Check

Free Online Fax Service


Manage all your Social Media sites in one place


They will do anything you want for $5

Find other people do other tasks and specialtys

Make a marketing plan easily

Quick easy Thank you letter templates


Free Online Fax Service

USEFUL WEBSITES FOR START UP’s  – A curated directory of resources and tools to help you build your startup. This is a good starting point.  – Use this for basic logos done instantly.  – This helps you figure out content ideas. Help get creativity flowing.  – Free Stock Photos for your website or other uses.  –  Newsletters and signup widgets  – FREE CRM tool in order to keep track of your clients and follow up  – Lowest cost way to register your website domain  – Pay $5 (or a bit more) for tasks ranging from logo design to copy writing  – Open source legal documents (Note from Paul: BE CAREFUL! Consult a Lawyer if needed)  – Take free classes on things to help start your business  – Unlock your creativity with free online classes & projects