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Paul Long, Tacoma's Small Business Expert

My name is Paul Long and I am a 19 year business banking veteran who loves working with small businesses under $10 Million in annual sales. I am passionate about business owners understanding the ever changing banking industry. Whether it is determining what loan product your business should use or what tool would make your banking easier this site will help you determine that.

Small Business loans can be complicated if you don’t have someone guiding you through the process.  Loans like SBA Loans, loans for start ups, business acquisitions or lines of credit can all be confusing and can get you in trouble if not used correctly.

This site is not intended to sell you anything, only assist you in making some of the largest decisions for your business.

I have a Business Finance and Economics degree from Eastern Washington University, as well as graduated from numerous specialized banking and financial programs. I work for a successful small community bank as Vice President of Business Banking and SBA Lending.


You can learn more about my story on my contact me page


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